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Revitalizes body and mind through a unique experience of deep well-being in Marbella

Health and beauty therapies in an exclusive environment that maximizes relaxation.

In our beauty salon in Marbella we work your well-being from within so that the result is visible from the outside. Chakra massages, anti-stress treatments… relax and enjoy an instant just for yourself.

Because health is beauty

Regain your balance and well-being. Recharge your energy and feel good with AVEDA’s comforting Ayurvedic massages and treatments.


Chakra Massage

Inspired by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, the Chakra Massage combines the power of touch and aromatherapy to eliminate stress and restore your natural balance, harmonizing the body’s seven energy centers. The perfect option if you are looking for a different massage alternative in Puerto Banus.


Stress Fix Massage

Made with aromas based on lavender, sage, incense and essential oils, stress fix massage achieves an immediate anti-stress effect, eliminating muscle tension and stimulating circulation.


Hot stones

Calm pain, eliminate stress, anxiety and insomnia with our irresistible volcanic hot stone massage.

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