Our hairdressing service revolves around a main idea, our mantra: “A nice hair, start with a healthy hair”. We offer the best styling, treatments and care to get the best of your hair and make it look strong, healthy and attractive.


In our Marbella salon we work with products for the color that count with organic certificate of manufacture, not aggressive with the body and the health. We also offer advice and diagnosis to create the color that best suits you.

Professional hair coloring system with 96% natural ingredients, designed to provide a lasting coloration in a wide range of custom tones, which does not damage the hair and provides extraordinary conditioning and shine.

The main objective of this treatment is to revitalize the hair by adding an extra layer of brightness for healthy look.

Technique that, unlike the Californian highlights, does not need for its application to wrap the hair in aluminium foil, instead, as its own name indicates, it’s done “sweeping” the color, much more toward the tips, and thus you get a much more natural look and a uniform gradient.

Considered as one of the best colorists in the world. Christophe Robin´s maxim is “a perfect coloring does not exist without healthy hair”


At Narybu Marbella we offer from the best and latest services, to the most traditional, but always with the best products and giving you the opportunity to choose an organic range.

Our stylists trained by AVEDA are masters in performing from the most classic cuts to the most avant-garde styling

Hair is degraded due to stress, the passage of time or external aggressions. Notice that your mane is no longer the same? Get a sexy and abundant hair with 100% natural hair.

In NARYBU we have different treatments for hair straightening so that you can forget ironing it! In our range we offer Japanese straightening, sweet straightening, Taninoplastia natural treatment and Kerasilk keratin straightening.


In order to make your hair as beautiful as possible, it must always be kept healthy and radiant:

With Kerasilk, forget the frizz and achieve a lasting transformation in perfectly smooth and soft hair up to 3-5 months. The secret: the thermo-active technology KeraShape.

Thanks to its organic components, jojoba oil, avocado oil, olive oil, argan oil and enzymes that catalyze the reaction obtaining a heat effect on the hair. In just 15 minutes, we obtain an immediate reconstruction of the capillary fibers, cuticles closure and restoration of the hair keratin.

Cleaning excess and the pulling of the acid mantle caused by traditional shampoos, provokes the generation of grease in the roots and a remarkable increase in the toxicity of the scalp, this DETOX treatment cleanses in-depth, debugging excess of grease and synthetic residue, so that the hair roots breathe freely.

We offer services, treatment and products so that you may obtain an increase in the volume of your hair and to provide body, leaving it beautiful and healthy.

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