Microblading is the pigmentation of the eyebrows, but unlike micro-pigmentation, the process is completely manual and done hair by hair in order to obtain shape and filling bald spaces.

The revolution in nail varnish has arrived in NARYBU. Kure Bazaar is a Parisian brand that has been producing nail lacquer without any damaging ingredients. More color and less toxic.

Get a dramatic look by lengthening your eyelashes in a natural form and all thanks to novel treatments.

To enhance your face features. In only four steps we design and create your eyebrows, choosing the type that best fits the shape of your face, resulting in a more beautiful, more harmonious and better defined eyebrows.


BiologiqueRecherche treatment “micro-puncture Lab” is a progressive rejuvenation program that restructures flabby skin, rejuvenating your face, unifying skin color and winning tone with the maximum hydration. This intensive treatment is designed to combat the premature signs of aging.

Aveda’s new Tulasara facials are our organic alternative made with plants to traditional chemical peels and stimulate the tissue’s natural ability to self-repair.

In Narybu you can find Biologique Recherché, the Parisian firm of high quality biological cosmetics. Its line of action is to capture the richness of the natural world and to deposit their ingredients on the skin to achieve immediate and visible effects. High concentration of active ingredients, choosing only the most pure extracts, makes this a unique brand.

Narybu Hair & Beauty - Marbella - Spain 2018